Exchanges in name only. They're dark pool prime brokers.
An obscure yet critical part of US banking that's suddenly creating controversy and making headlines.
An operating system for trusted data
Circle USDC, Paxos USDP and BUSD, and Tether USDT are worth over $100B collectively as the leading stablecoins. But they're not all made equally.
Dodd-Frank Section 1033 promised consumer rights to data. 12 years later, the rule still isn't written but it's nonetheless proved foundational for…
Empathy, dreaming with the entrepreneur, and Industry 4.0
Apple announced Apple Pay Later, a buy now, pay later service. Left unannounced was how they'll deal with collections.
Beyond the headlines, with a longer-term perspective, today's doom and gloom provides as many opportunities as it does hardships.
Why is stock trading free on Robinhood? Because we're the product. But like the value we get from Google, payment for order flow might not be a bad…
Despite having just 4,800 employees, the Securities & Exchange Commission plays an outsized role as the primary regulator for $115T of securities traded…
When the supply chain breaks down and regulations go awry.
It's been an extraordinary first year for Fintech & Finance! Thank you!